Friends of Oscar Bach

Friends of Oscar Bach would like to thank everyone who has provided information, services, photographs and related material about Oscar Bach. His work and life reveal a bountiful and rich history of metalcraft as one of many burgeoning art forms in early 20th-century America.

Andrew Alpern, Architectural Historian

Andrew Baxter, Artist and Objects Conservator

Stephen Dow Beckham, Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr., Professor of History, Lewis & Clark College

Jim Beardlsee, Private Collector

Jim Belinky, Private Collector

Russell Bernabo, Objects Conservator and Decorative Arts Historian

Tracy Bernabo, Research Assistant for Friends of Oscar Bach

Lee Brauer, Photographer, Richmond, VA

Cranbrook Academy of Art

Jim Draper, Private Collector

Danielle Eldridge, Private Collector

Cathy Frangos, Private Collector

Cathy Green, Private Collector

Erik Gronning, Private Collector

International Hildreth Meiere Association

The B.F. Jones Memorial Library

Alison B. Kagamaster, great niece of Oscar and Pauline Bach

Alan Kushner, Private Collector

Ellen Kutcher, Museum Professional, one of three founding members of Friends of Oscar Bach

Todd Lane, Leaded Glass and Lighting Website

Mike Leland, Art Deco Architecture Enthusiast

Bruce Love, Private Collector

David A. Martland, Private Collector

Alan Mathews, Private Collector

Mike Miller, Private Collector

Christopher Nalley, Private Collector

Heidi Nasstrom-Evans, Art Historian, one of three founding members of Friends of Oscar Bach

Philbrook Museum of Art

Reynolda House

William A. Royall, Jr., Private Collector, one of three founding members of Friends of Oscar Bach

Martin A. Stolbun, M.D. & Zoe Judith Greer Stolbun, Private Collectors

Scott Taylor, E.S. Taylor Studios, Artistic & Stained Glass Conservator, Richmond, VA

Gordon True, Private Collector

The Wolfsonian